Humphries beats Aspinall to go top of the table in Premier League


Humphries beats Aspinall to go top of the table in Premier League

Luke Humphries won his second night in a row in Nottingham
Luke Humphries won his second night in a row in NottinghamPDC Darts
On the seventh night of the Premier League in Nottingham, Luke Humphries defeated Nathan Aspinall in the final to pick up his second win on the bounce and take top spot in the table.

He overtakes Michael van Gerwen, who was knocked in his quarter-final by a blistering Luke Littler performance.

Catch up on all the action from the latest night in the Premier League:


Humphries 6-3 Aspinall

In the first leg, both men threw 180. Humphries held 104 but missed double 16.

He was allowed to come back for it and threw via double 8 1-0. In the second leg, Humphries threw his second 180 and again left 104. Aspinall had 126 left, but missed the bullseye. Humphries had no chance to hit a double and so Aspinall was able to make it 1-1, but he missed two doubles. Humphries threw double 16 and took the break: 2-0.

 In the third leg Humphries also threw 180, his third already. He also threw his fourth already and left 82.

Tops went wrong, but he was allowed to come back for it. He missed again with three darts, allowing Aspinall to take the rebreak from 120. He did so from tops.

Humphries quickly took the rebreak and put things right: 3-1. Humphries threw his fifth 180 and left 104. That did not go out, but he was allowed to come back for it. Via double 4 it was 4-1.

Humphries threw a spanner in the works in the sixth leg and gave the game to Aspinall.

Aspinall finished with a top flight to make it 4-2. From 32 Humphries had three chances to make it 5-2, but missed. Aspinall hit 90 to take the break: 4-3. 

Aspinall had one chance from 74 on tops for the 4-4, but missed. Humphries did not and made it 5-3. Humphries eventually decided it by throwing out 78 to win 6-3.


Littler 3-6 Aspinall

Aspinall started the match excellently with a 180 and was on 58 after nine arrows. Aspinall eventually threw out the leg via double 5: 1-0. Littler also took his first leg by throwing 80 in two arrows via double 10. This made it 1-1.

No break chances came in the third leg either and Aspinall hit 2-1 via 50. The fourth leg also went with the darts as Littler hit tops.

The first arrow on the break came from Littler. He had 170 left, but missed the bullseye. Aspinall threw out 82 in two arrows to make it 3-2. Aspinall grabbed the first break by throwing out double 12 to make it 4-2.

Aspinall struggles to finish

He started even with 180, but Littler followed with the same score. Aspinall had 67 left, but did not throw out. Littler had 140 left, but that was also too much and so Aspinall was allowed to come back for double 16 and threw it out as well. 5-2 and thus match point.

He continued to play well as Aspinall threw another 180. Aspinall had a matchdart on 72, but missed tops. Littler had 5 left, but hit the big 20.

Littler had already wrapped up the darts, but was allowed to throw again anyway. Aspinall again missed three matchdarts, but Littler missed double 2. Aspinall got another handful of darts and missed again. Littler then went for double 2 and it did hit: 5-3. Aspinall decided the match on 69 in two arrows to win 6-3.

Littler during the Premier League
Littler during the Premier LeagueProfimedia

Humphries 6-1 Wright

Humphries started fine in his own leg by throwing out 90 and he started with 180 in Wright's leg. The Scot had 104 left and needed to throw that out, but the first dart went into the 1. Humphries threw out 60 to make it 2-0 and grab the break. In the third leg, both men threw 180 and Wright was allowed to finish first from 81.

Via double 9 he grabbed the rebreak and made it 2-1. Humphries had another chance at the break from 167, but missed the bullseye.

He returned for 25 and hit double 8 for another break: 3-1. Wright almost grabbed the rebreak, but 140 failed to go out via double 10. Double 18 did go out for Humphries to make it 4-1.

In the sixth leg, lots of doubles were missed, but Humphries was the luckiest via double 9. In the seventh leg, Humphries threw two 180s and was allowed to finish the match via double 8. He threw that and won the match 6-1.


Wright 6-5 Price

Price threw the first 180 as early as Wright's first leg. Price then threw another 180, but so did Wright. 42 went out in three arrows so there was the break right away: 1-0. Price had to cash in his break via 106, but missed tops. Wright then hit double 16 to take the rebreak: 1-1.

Price threw his third 180 and got a dart on 92 for the break with double 8. Now it did go out and so it was 2-1 and it was also the third break. Price got one arrow on bullseye on 164 but missed. Wright had 153 standing and only missed double 18.

Price left 25 but did not throw out and so Wright took advantage by throwing double 8: 2-2. Price had a chance at 125 for the fifth break as Wright missed from 90. Price missed tops and so Wright took advantage again to throw the first leg with the darts: 3-2.

It was a good match from Price though with 109 average and he reached 3-3 via tops.

Price misses match darts

Wright had to throw out 44 in his leg after throwing 180 for the third time. But he missed and Price had 40 left. Both missed and so Wright came back and threw out to make it 4-3. The same tops did throw Price in the eighth leg and so it became 4-4. Price took the ninth leg to make it 5-4.

Price almost hit 170 in the tenth leg, but missed the bullseye. He was allowed to come back for 25, but missed two match darts and thus three in total. Wright did throw out tops to make it 5-5. Wright had three match darts from 40 and hit double 10 to take his first points.

Wright during the Premier League
Wright during the Premier LeagueProfimedia

Humphries 6-4 Smith

Humphries threw 180 in the first turn of the match Humphries eventually threw out 9 to make it 1-0. In Smith' s leg, Humphries also threw another 180 right away, but Smith followed. Smith got on a finish first. A 56 was just missed. Humphries failed to throw out 134 and so Smith was allowed to come back for 20.

Double 5 eventually went out: 1-1. Humphries had no trouble with Smith in his own leg either, hitting 2-1 via tops. The first break arrows came for Humphries.

He got the break via tops to make it 3-1. Humphries kept on pounding and was on 84 after nine arrows. He put it away on 32, which he also threw evenly: 4-1.

Humphries threw over 108 average. Smith threw out 146 via two times triple 20 and double 13 to keep his own leg and make it 4-2.

Smith comes back but falls short

Smith grabbed the rebreak by throwing out 30 via double 6 and was right back in the match. Smith had 60 left to cash in on the break but missed the double. Humphries also failed to throw out 100 and so Smith came back for double 5 and threw it in with his third dart.

That made it 4-4. Smith stayed far away in the ninth leg though and Humphries threw out 70 to make it 5-4. Smith failed to throw out 91 and so Humphries got three matchdarts and also won the match.

Via double 10 he grabbed the break and brought the final score to 6-4.

Van Gerwen 2-6 Littler

Littler immediately threw a maximum score in Van Gerwen's leg and also almost threw out 167.

He missed the bullseye, but Van Gerwen also failed to throw out 160. Tops went wrong and so Littler was allowed to come back and threw out double 10 for a break. Littler also threw 180 in the second leg, but Van Gerwen had the advantage. He was allowed to take the rebreak from 53 and did so in two arrows via tops.

Van Gerwen had 130 left in his leg, but threw a sloppy second dart that landed in the five. As a result, he could not finish and Littler then threw the third break in a row by throwing tops again: 2-1. Van Gerwen got one arrow on 98 for another break. Double 19 went in, but tops did not.

Littler had 16 left, but did not throw out and so came the fourth break in a row via double 10. In the fifth leg, no less than three 180s were thrown, two of them for Littler. An 86 went out and so came the fifth break in a row: 3-2.

The sixth break could almost be, as Van Gerwen just failed to throw the big fish. The bullseye went wrong and then the leg was held for the first time. Littler once again threw out tops to make it 4-2.

Littler throws insane

It was a very high 110 against 109 average. Littler threw his seventh 180 and also made it to 5-2 via 56. It was another break. In the eighth leg, Littler almost threw a nine-darter, only the double 12 went wrong.

Double 3 went out for an eleven-darter with an average of 114. It was 6-2 for Littler.

Cross 5-6 Aspinall

Cross threw 177 in his leg which allowed him to throw out from 53. That went in three arrows via double 18 to make it 1-0. Aspinall had 75 left in the second leg and threw out in two arrows via double 12 for the 1-1. Aspinall had 161 left in Cross' leg and almost threw that out.

The bullseye went wrong, but Cross failed to throw out 120. Aspinall got two darts on the break and exploited them: 2-1. 

Cross threw the first 180 of the match and left tops. Aspinall failed to finish 95, giving Cross the chance to break back. He did so via double 10 to make it 2-2. Cross threw 174 in his leg and eventually left 61.

That went handsomely via two darts out via single bull and double 18: 3-2. Aspinall stayed in the match as he threw out 70 via tops to equalise again.

In the seventh leg, Cross also threw another clever finish. Aspinall was on 40, but Cross threw 78 out in three arrows via tops to make it 4-3. Aspinall threw the highest finish in the eighth leg by throwing out 104 via tops. This left both players with little to lose and it was 4-4.

Both threw out their leg again and so it went to a decisive 11th leg. Aspinall won the match with a break in the last leg. 71 was thrown out for the win in two arrows.

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