Premier League play-offs LIVE: Littler downs Humphries to claim trophy


Premier League play-offs LIVE: Littler downs Humphries to claim trophy

Premier League play-offs LIVE
Premier League play-offs LIVEPDC
The Bet MGM Darts Premier League reaches its climax at London's O2 Arena this evening - follow all the action live with Flashscore.

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22:33 BST - That's it from us at the O2 this evening, thanks for joining us and goodnight!

Luke Littler lifts the Premier League trophy
Luke Littler lifts the Premier League trophyPDC

22:32 BST - "I'm just enjoying it," victorious Littler told Sky Sports after receiving his trophy.

"I've been practising really hard and you can probably see it on the oche. I was dead focused, I didn't want to blink."

Read more on the aftermath with our report here.

21:57 BST - Littler averaged a stunning 105.6 in that final, while Humphries was hitting 102.47, which is still pretty remarkable.

21:44 BST - Humphries has the darts, Littler has the overwhelming advantage.

Another 180 from Littler. A match dart at tops is no trouble: Luke Littler has won the Premier League!

21:43 BST - This time 94 goes out with a double 10 to finish: 9-6.

Humphries hits a nice double double tops to make it 9-7, and once again Littler returns in the next leg with an opening 180. He's on nine of those for the match now. He's left with tops which he finds easily. It's 10-7 - the teenager is very close now.

21:36 BST - He nearly throws out a 167, Humphries comes back for 118 but misses. Littler nails a double 10 to take out 25, that's a break of throw.

It's 7-5 but this match has just caught absolute fire.

Littler hits another maximum, and another, to leave 42. This kid is unreal, and another double 10 finish. Just a 12-darter, that leg. It's 8-5.

Humphries bites back to make it 8-6, but Littler throws out 180 straight after. Littler looks very relaxed up the oche.

21:35 BST - Both come out on nines, Humphries misses but Littler - oh my! A nine-darter in the final! Absolutely sensational - the crowd are losing the plot.

21:29 BST - Humphries throws out a stunning 116 in three darts to stop Littler getting a go at 20: it's 4-4. These two are just chipping away at eachother.

Littler hits another 180 - the fifth of the match - and later takes out the leg to make it 5-4. Humphries again rampages back to leave them deadlocked at 5-5 at the break.

21:25 BST - Littler opens with a maximum in the fifth, he also adds another decent 140 down the line. He takes out 84 with a final double 6 to retake the initiative: 3-2.

Humphries isn't looking happy with his throwing up there but takes out 52 to level things again. Very tight here so far!

Littler throws a 180 and finds himself 105 to take out, reduced to 20, with Humphries without a finish. He hits the double 10 to make it 4-3, another hold of throw.

21:19 BST - The scoreboard returns on the screens meaning the crowd now knows what's actually happening again!

Littler gets down to 142 but can't find it, but leaves 80. He gets a go but hits 15 instead of 10 to bust, then misses another two at double 10.

Humphries hits tops to steal the leg and level the scores.

21:18 BST - Littler takes out a magnificent 124 to break the world champ. It's 2-0 Littler.

Humphries then takes out an important 58 to break back: it's 2-1.

21:16 BST - Littler has two goes at double 10 to take the first leg.

Humphries steps up and chucks in the first 180 of the match in the second leg.

21:13 BST - OK, it's time to crown a brand new Premier League champion!

Who will win out of Luke Humphries and Luke Littler?

21:02 BST - Littler will have the darts in the final - how big could that be?

20:49 BST - A very nice 101.71 average for Humphries there, a devastating performance at times. Van Gerwen averaged 97.18.

20:42 BST - Humphries has 72 to take out but makes a hash of it. The door is ajar for MVG with 63... he misses the chance. Humphries takes out double 16 to take the victory, dethroning the reigning Premier League champion.

It's Luke versus Luke in the final at the O2! A repeat of the World Championship!

20:40 BST - Humphries takes out a massive 125 though against the darts, making it 9-5. He has the darts for the match...

20:38 BST - Van Gerwen takes out 105 with three darts to hold making it 8-4, but Humphries is just two away from the final.

Van Gerwen hits the eighth 180 and eventually races to an 81, which he finishes off with double 12. Back-to-back legs for MVG: 8-5. He's in with a chance.

20:35 BST - Humphries picks up again with the darts and leaves himself tops, while MVG narrowly misses 128. Humphries makes it 8-3 with the tops.

20:32 BST - The world champion opens up with another max and eventually leaves 40, taken out first time to make it 6-2. Humphries is running away with it after being 2-1 down at some point.

The eight goes the way of the Englishman too, making it six consecutive legs to make it 7-2. Impressive stuff.

Van Gerwen isn't at it at all, and he's starting to look a bit miserable up there. He hits back though, stopping the rot somewhat just before the break to hold via tops. It's 7-3.

20:24 BST - Humphries narrowly misses the big fish in the fifth leg, but he gets another go and takes out double 8 on his way to 25: 3-2 to Humphries.

Cool Hand hits the third maximum of the tie to leave 138, before taking it down to 56 with MVG without a finish. Humphries hits it to make it 4-2 - he's starting to take control here.

Van Gerwen could really use a break of throw here but Humphries isn't wavering. MVG slaps in a 180 to put some pressure on. The Dutchman nearly takes out 148 but misses his third, Humphries punishes him by taking out 89 to make it four on the bounce. It's 5-2.

20:20 BST - Van Gerwen takes control with a break in the third leg, a double 18 to finish off 103.

The fourth leg is taken by Humphries who takes out a tremendous 132 with bull, bull and double 16. Crowd loved that one. It's 2-2, good start to this one!

20:17 BST - Cool Hand Luke takes out the first leg with a 14-dart leg - nice way to start.

Van Gerwen snaps back to hold his own, 1-1 in the early stages.

Apologies for the limited information there, John McDonald was just chatting to yours truly.

20:14 BST - Time for the second semi-final between Luke Humphries and Michael van Gerwen!

Humphries has the darts in the first leg.

19:54 BST - A fourth maximum for The Nuke and he races to 42, which his duly takes out. It's 9-4.

Smith looks defeated, does he have anything left? He throws the seventh 180 of the match either way. He leaves 46 with Littler plenty to do, which goes out in two darts. 

Littler's throwing for the match now at 9-5. It's been no nonsense from his this evening so far, all business. He's left a big 170 finish though, the treble 20 hits but that's it. Smith has no finish though, so Littler's back to take out 65 which goes out easily.

Littler's in the final!

19:50 BST - Littler hits the fifth 180 of the match to leave the big fish, but it's missed. Smith still has 187 so Littler gets another go, this time at 77. He misses two at double 10 though Smith nails a tops to break Littler's throw. It's 7-4. Comeback on?

Littler takes out 107 to break straight back with three excellent darts finishing with tops, taking him two away from the win: 8-4.

19:46 BST - Littler's averaging 100.27 while Smith is striking at 90.65.

19:43 BST - Smith needs 63 for an important break of throw but misses tops, opening the door for Littler to hold, who duly does via tops. It's 7-2, Smith is struggling.

Littler nearly takes out 130 in the next leg but narrowly misses bull. Smith can't take out 115. Smith needs double 15 to hold but he misses and busts. Double 5 for Littler, three darts miss.

Double 15 for Smith which he finally nails with his third arrow. It's 7-3 at the break.

19:38 BST - Littler hits 58 via 18 and tops to take his fifth leg of the night.

Littler's left with 88 but misses two darts at double 14, giving Smith a sniff but he can't take out 86. Littler bungles his out though, leaving double 4, but Smith can't take advantage.

Littler then busts his 4, Smith then falters again to leave a 5: PUB DARTS! Finally, Littler hits his double 2 to make it 6-2.

19:35 BST - Littler makes it 4-1 with a tasty double 15 to hold his leg. Smith is looking rattled but throws out 180 before Littler bounces back with his own.

Smith fails to take out 105, Littler fails with the 130, and Smith eventually takes out 8 to get back into some sort of rhythm: 4-2.

19:31 BST - Littler takes the first leg with a tidy treble 16, double 10 combination finish to checkout 68. But Bully Boy roars back to hold his leg via 67. 

Littler holds his own with a stunning double 12 finish and hits seven perfect darts to start the next leg before missing treble 19, eventually taking out 52 with a double 10. It's 3-1 Littler and a big break for him.

19:26 BST - Here we go! Luke Littler faces Michael Smith in our opening semi-final.

18:33 BST - Before the players hit the oche, why not have a quick gander at our preview for tonight?

Find that right here.

Luke Littler and Luke Humphries
Luke Littler and Luke HumphriesPDC

18:25 BST - We're getting close to the proverbial kick-off - here's the tournament layout for tonight.

Littler kicks off against Michael Smith - and the Bully Boy has a habit of getting the better of The Nuke.

Afterwards, it's a battle between reigning world champion Luke Humphries and eight-time Premier League winner Michael van Gerwen.

18:22 BST - There's a record 14,000 fans in attendance tonight - a big night for the sport!

18:20 BST - Welcome to our live blog for tonight's Premier League play-off finals live from the O2!

Luke Littler has topped the table after the league phase in his debut season - can he pick up his first TV trophy in his burgeoning career?

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