Luke Littler wins second European Tour title at Austrian Open

"The Nuke" wins in Graz
"The Nuke" wins in GrazPDC
Luke Littler wins the Austrian Darts Open 2024. The teenager defeated compatriot Joe Cullen 8-4 in the final in Premstätten, near Graz. It is the second title for "The Nuke" on this year's European Tour. He already won the Belgian Darts Open almost two months ago.

Joe Cullen and Luke Littler had never played each other in a tournament before. So from the start it was not only about getting his own game through, but also about getting to know his opponent's rhythm.

Littler started the first leg and played it down with confidence, taking six darts for a top checkout. He then put pressure on Cullen, but he also showed that he could play darts and checked 92 checkouts for a first small exclamation mark.

After Cullen once again failed to get a foot in the throw-off leg of "The Nuke", it was Littler who did just that. As the first player in the finishing area, he missed the 108 checkout to break, but his favoured double 10 did not work either, meaning Cullen saved his throw-in.

However, the hoped-for wake-up effect failed to materialise and Littler again had plenty of time in the finishing area to make it 3-2 before missing tops to break. As had been the case throughout the tournament, the double saved the "Rockstar" - 3-3.

But Littler looked determined to stop Cullen's run and began to capitalise on his chances. After his throw through to make it 4-3, Littler broke to make it 5-3, but as quickly as the momentum built up, he lost it again. Several darts at the doubles missed their target, allowing Cullen, who was clearly worse in terms of scoring, to get back into the leg and take the re-break.

However, Cullen was again not to appreciate this invitation back into the match: The "Rockstar" missed his scoring and gave Littler another break. This time, "The Nuke" knew how to confirm it - as the youngster made it 7-4, giving Cullen the task of having to win three legs in a row.

But Cullen was not to get another one. With another break over the bullseye, it was ultimately an absolutely deserved 8-4 win for Luke Littler.

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